Afterparty short-movies.

We work with companies and people in entertainment industry, because we believe in spreading the fun and joy and sharing the most energetic moments with other people. To reflect the music and partying joys, we have collaborated with clients such as go!FM, Radio ABC and many others to thank people for their participation in form of afterparty short movies.


go!fm has held a free concert in Tivoli Friheden and we were tasked to document the event and create an aftermovie that would show what it is all about.


We have worked with Radio ABC to capture the sunny moments of the Beach Party they held at Greena. It was truly a blast being there.


Kelde was attending the Radio ABC Beach Party festival and we had a task to capture the energy and joy of the whole performance and the crowd.

buddy holly

Buddy Holly is a pub in Skagen that is all about being in a good mood to it’s core. 

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